Update Your Renewal Form
Fill in the application for your Annual Membership Renewal
Membership renewal fees are due by December 31st, of this year. There is a $25 late fee if you renew after this date.

Membership privileges, including RRT number, will automatically expire if dues are not received by January 31st, of the coming year.

Please check the expiration dates on your professional liability insurance (PLI) and First Aid/CPR certificates, and forward copies of current certifications if applicable.

Proof of valid PLI and First Aid/CPR certification is mandatory for active RRT status and to be included in the registry sent to insurance companies. You do not need to resend if they are up-to-date.

Email & E-transfers are preferable. 

E-transfer to treasurer@acart.org

You may also print a copy Renewal Application Form 2024.pdf and send by regular mail.

Mail to: 
Patricia Taylor, ACART Membership Administrator, 54 Avondale Dr., Riverview, NB E1B 1C2