Continued Education

The Atlantic Canada Association of Reflexology Therapists (ACART) requires members to
develop their knowledge and skills through continuing education and professional development 
while simultaneously increasing awareness of professionalism and public safety. 

All Registered Reflexology Therapists (RRTs) are required to accumulate a minimum of
twenty (20) CEUs over a reporting cycle of two (2) years. 

Of the twenty (20) CEUs each member needs to accumulate per cycle, a minimum of ten (10) units must derive from Primary Activities. 

The balance of units may come from either Primary or Secondary Activities. 

Primary Activities are directly related to the scope of practice of reflexology therapy. 

Primary Activities include, but are not limited, to:

 -Anatomy
 -Business acumen and development
 -Client assessment
 -Clinical documentation
 -Client relations
 -Conflict resolution
 -Ethics
 -Health-care services and public health
 -Inter-professional relations
 -Pathology
 -Records management
 -On-going client evaluation
 -Physiology
 -Reflexology theory
 -Reflexology techniques

Secondary Activities are not a direct part of the Reflexology Therapy scope of practice but are considered to be complementary to it. 

Secondary Activities include, but are not limited, to:

 -Acupressure
 -Acupuncture
 -Aromatherapy
 -Craniosacral therapy
 -Feldenkrais
 -Guided imagery
 -Kinesiology
 -Massage therapy
 -Nutrition
 -Reiki
 -Tai chi
 -Therapeutic touch
 -Other health-care related modalities subject 
to approval by the BOD 

Download the full CEU Manual here- CEU Program Manual 2023.pdf
Download a blank CEU form here- CEU reporting form.docx

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