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What can I expect from joining an association?
Being part of an association holds you, the reflexologist to a higher standard. 

You receive support from our board of directors and members in regards to your business and the modality. 
How long does the registration process take?
This is dependent on what information you have ready to go. 
To become a registered reflexologist, you require an up to date first aid certificate, personal liability insurance, criminal record check and certification of course completion from one of the accepted courses. 

Our admin team is very quick to get everything moving once they have received the required documentation. 
What programs are approved to become a registered reflexologist?
Take a look at our list of approved programs here

If you do not see your school listed, please email our admin team at 
What are continued education units and why do I require to do them?
Continued education is a requirement with our membership. 
Continued education helps our members to develop their knowledge and skills. 

You can read all about continued education here
​Do you have in person events and meetings?
Yes! We love building our ACART community and host two events yearly. 

Our annual general meeting and general meeting. 
This is an opportunity for members to get together, learn about what our board has been doing and take part in optional trainings.

You can find our upcoming events here
How do I contact someone?
For general inquires, you can contact our President, Haley at

For membership questions, you can contact our Admin, Patricia at

For CEU and treasurer related questions, you can contact our treasurer at