ACART Board Of Directors

President & Website Support
Haley Lorman
Haley has always had a passion for leading in a positive way. When it comes to support, she enjoys seeing the success with others so you'll often find her cheering you on in your corner. 
Haley will always bring new ideas to the table and gets excited to hear what others have to say. 

If you have ideas floating in your head, be sure to bring them her way so she can help you break them down into smaller pieces. She loves to support, encourage and give tools that can be used in your every day life with your reflexology business. 

If you require to update your information on our website, feel free to send along your information to Haley, she would be happy to update it quickly for you!

Vice President & Website Support 
Laurena Yurkowski

Laurena supports the president and other board members with various tasks including maintenance of the website. 

She brings to the board and members creative ideas for making meetings exciting and fun. 

Membership Administrator
Patricia Taylor

It’s all about the details! 

As the Membership Administrator for ACART, Patricia is the person who will walk you through the certification process to become a Registered Reflexology Therapist with our association, whether you are a new RRT, or renewing your membership.

Questions about certification, Professional Liability Insurance, criminal record checks, First Aid/CPR, or other documentation needed to apply for, or maintain, your membership?

Please reach out, and she will be happy to advise and assist!

Secretary & Event Planning
Deanna Brown
Keeping detailed notes during our meetings is extremely important. It's a big role for our secretary and Deanna is great with recording the details.

She helps create the agendas and supports our board with keeping our meetings organized.

Deanna is also head of our events planning and enjoys planning fun events for her family. That flows into our board with supporting us on planning our yearly meetings. 

Do you have ideas you'd like to see for our AGM or GM? Be sure to reach out to Deanna and let her know your fun ideas!

Treasurer & CEU Support
Eileen Oickle
Eileen has always loved working with numbers and keeping records. She did the accounting and yearly financial report for a long term care home for 15 years. 

She brings to our board great knowledge regarding the position as a treasurer. 

Whenever you make your payments to ACART, Eileen is the person who you will connect with. She sends out your receipts in a timely manner to keep for your records. 

Eileen has also taken on the role as CEU Support. When you plan to take a course and have questions regarding the amount of CEUs attached, whether it is primary or secondary and if it qualifies, Eileen is the person to reach out to. 

Research & Support 
Ashley Hachey

Ashley has always enjoyed researching various components for her own business and is bringing that to our board and members. 

She has experience and knowledge with being a manager of a clinic, figuring out the behind the scene things like proper billing, taxes and more. She takes pride in finding the answer. 

If you have questions regarding taxes, insurance, specific research on a topic, Ashley is our Go-To person to help support you on this!

You can post those questions either in our private Facebook group or send Ashley an email. 

Social Media Support
Marilyn Roberts
Marilyn has found social media to be a fun way to make connections and get information out there as quickly as possible. 

You will often see her face in our Facebook group sharing content and strategies to support and grow your reflexology business. 

Be sure to get connected into our member space over on Facebook and say "Hi"

Board Member
Stephanie Newman

Stephanie runs her own practice and joined the board to help support the association. 

She plays an important part by being a voice on the board.